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Tube lifter

This eT-Lift is used for large lift­ing heights. The base unit of the eT-Lift-eco is equipped with a rigid or flex­i­ble op­er­at­ing han­dle that is mod­i­fied in length and de­sign. It per­mits pick­ing up loads from shelves at greater heights or from tall stacks.

Fur­ther­more the longer op­er­at­ing han­dle in­creas­es the safe­ty of the us­er. By the ex­ten­sion there is a greater dis­tance to the de­vice, which im­pli­cates that the us­er doesn\'t have to bend over the loads for op­er­at­ing the de­vice, when the loads have huge di­men­sions. As well the us­er\'s feet won\'t be un­der the sus­pend­ed load due to the ex­tend­ed han­dle.

The eT-Lift-flexi is suit­able for lift­ing flat loads such as chip­boards, plas­ter­boards, etc. with max­i­mum di­men­sions of up to 1500 ˣ 3000 mm or 2100 ˣ 2800 mm (de­pen­d­ing on the tool). The lift­ing of card­board box­es or wood pan­els, bags, buck­ets, cans or the like is al­so no prob­lem.

As with the eT-Lift-eco the grad­ed car­ry­ing ca­­pa­­ci­ties range from min. 30 kg to max. 250 kg. The vac­u­um is gen­er­at­ed by a blow­er or a vac­u­um pump de­pend­ing on the area of use. There is a wide range of stan­dard load han­dling equip­ment to choose from, while al­so cus­tomer-ori­ent­ed so­lu­tions can be de­liv­ered.

At the mo­ment there are eight tools avail­able for the eT-Lift-flexi.

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