New development of two suction plates

Suc­tion plates with groove rub­ber sup­port can be stretched to their lim­its dur­ing ver­ti­cal glass han­dling. eu­roTECH re­alised this dif­fi­cul­ty and de­vel­oped two suc­tion plates with bet­ter hold­ing pow­er.





The two suc­tions plates BLSP 240 TL and BLSP 290 TL score with their sup­port­ing sur­­face. It en­sures even with a in­­­con­ven­ient fric­tion co­ef­fi­cient a im­proved hold­ing pow­er dur­ing ver­ti­cal han­dling of glass sheets..

The BLSP 240 TL has be­side it's in­ner sup­­por­t­ing sur­faces an in­ner cir­cum­fe­ren­­tial and a longer out­er seal­ing lip. The BLSP 290 TL how­ev­er stands out, be­side it's sup­­por­t­ing sur­faces, due to 3 se­cu­ri­ty gooves on the in­side. Both are avail­able in NBR black.

DThe es­pe­cial­ly for the win­dow ma­nu­­fac­­tu­r­er de­vel­oped suc­tion plates can al­so be used in oth­er fields of in­dus­try since they are al­so avail­able in NBR grey and sil­i­cone.


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