The eT-Hover-allround shows its strong side

Be­side of its ba­sic ver­sion with a car­ry­ing ca­pac­i­ty of 250 kg the mul­ti-tal­ent eT-Hov­er-all­round is al­so avail­able as a 500 kg vari­ant.



In the mat­ter of func­tion­al­i­ty the 500 kg va­ri­ant is in no way in­fe­ri­or to its ba­sic ver­­sion with 250 kg car­ry­ing ca­pac­i­ty. Ho­ri­­zon­­tal and ver­ti­cal lift­ing, piv­ot­ing, ro­tat­ing around 360 de­grees, as well as any com­bi­­na­­tion of these types of move­­ments are pos­si­ble. All move­­ments can be con­trolled pre­cise­ly and in­tu­itive­ly with the er­­go­nomi­­cal­­ly de­signed con­trol unit.


IThe ba­sic ver­sion of the lift­ing de­vice is equipped with four suc­tion cups, which can be moved along cross beams. The num­ber of suc­tion cups can be flex­i­bly ex­tend­ed de­pend­ing on the task, the size and po­si­tion de­ter­mined by the type and size of ob­jects be­ing han­dled. The re­tractable and er­gonom­i­cal­ly de­signed con­trol unit in­cor­po­rates all func­tions, in­clud­ing suc­­tion, ven­ti­la­tion, crane up/down, pi­vo­t­ing and ro­tat­ing in a sin­gle de­vice. The con­trol is equipped with a blow-off func­tion to guar­an­tee the safe set­ting-down of the loads. The new lift­ing de­vice de­liv­ers high stan­dards of safe­ty to min­imise dan­gers with acous­tic/op­ti­cal warn­ing sig­nals. Equipped with a 2-cir­cuit de­sign, the eT-Hov­er-all­round is al­so avail­able as a bat­tery-driv­en de­vice for use con­struc­tion sites.


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