Pure flex­i­bil­i­ty – For­mat changes are fa­cil­i­tat­ed by the ex­ten­sion arms of the eT-Hov­er-uni­vac.

The com­pact lift­ing de­vice eT-Hov­er-uni­vac is mod­u­lar­ly ex­tend­able. With the cor­res­pon­d­ing ex­ten­sion arms and four ad­di­tion­al suc­tion plates, not on­ly can the de­vice be adapt­ed to dif­fer­ent plate for­mats, but the max­i­mum car­ry­ing ca­pac­i­ty can al­so be in­creased to 700 kg. In its com­pact stan­dard ver­sion with four suc­tion plates, the de­vice can lift 360 kg ver­ti­cal­ly and 500 kg hor­i­zon­tal­ly. The vac­u­um lift­ing de­vice by Eu­rotech is de­signed as an at­tach­ment for crane and lift­ing equip­ment in ac­cor­dance with the DIN EN 13155 stan­dard. It is suit­able for lift­ing and mov­ing large-sur­face loads made of glass, wood and coat­ed par­ti­cle boards, as well as oth­er ma­te­ri­als such as stone, met­al or plas­tic.


Whether in­tend­ed for in­te­ri­or de­sign pur­po­s­es such as han­dling of wood pan­els or for out­door use dur­ing win­dow in­­stal­la­­tion, the bat­tery-pow­ered eT-Hov­er-uni­vac is a­­vail­a­ble both as con­struc­tion lift­ing e­quip­­ment as well as in the in­door ver­sion. A quick change of the plate for­mats, which are to be at­tached by suc­tion, is no prob­lem. The ex­ten­sion arms and four ad­di­­tion­al suc­tion plates and the cor­res­pon­d­ing vac­u­um hoses, which are eas­i­ly docked to the ex­ist­ing suc­tion plates, can be at­tached to the de­vice in­di­vid­u­al­ly. With­­out ex­ten­­sion arms, two po­si­tions for each suc­­tion plate are pos­si­ble, and with the ex­ten­sion, there can be three more po­si­tions per suc­tion plate. For rough and struc­­tured sur­faces, such as brushed wood or struc­­tured glass, oth­er suit­able suc­tion plates can be at­tached.


The lift­ing de­vice can be con­tin­u­ous­ly ro­­ta­t­ed man­u­al­ly by 360° and piv­ot­ed au­­to­­mat­i­­cal­­ly or man­u­al­ly by 90°. In or­der to be able to work on nar­row sur­faces, such as be­tween the scaf­fold and build­ing fa­cade, the swing arm can be re­moved. All op­er­a­t­ing el­e­ments are in­te­grat­ed in­to the de­vice. Its scope of ap­pli­ca­tion is ex­pand­ed fur­ther by an op­tion­al re­mote-con­trol func­­tion: the suc­tion and rapid ven­ti­la­tion func­­tions can be con­trolled wire­less­ly. This in­creas­es safe­ty dur­ing work on lad­ders and scaf­folds, fa­cil­i­tates han­dling, and in many cas­es saves the need for ad­di­tion­al labour. The range of the ra­dio re­mote con­trol com­pris­es about 50 to 100 me­ters in dis­tur­bance-free en­vi­ron­ments.


By means of the quick vent­ing func­tion, the load can be quick­ly de­tached from the eT-Hov­er-uni­vac. This saves time dur­ing the te­dious work pro­cess. An en­er­gy-sa­v­ing func­­tion en­sures that the vac­u­um pump will on­ly re­main switched on un­til the nec­es­sary vac­u­um suc­tion has been reached.


In the du­al-cir­cuit ver­sion, all vac­u­um com­po­nents start­ing from the vac­u­um pump, such as the non re­turn valve, the vac­u­um reser­voir and the vac­u­um gauge, are pre­sent in du­pli­cate. The lift­ing de­vice which is mount­ed on the crane is ready for op­er­a­tion once there is suf­fi­cient un­der pres­sure. The con­troller con­tin­u­ous­ly mon­i­tors the vac­u­um. Dis­rup­tions or a loss in vac­u­um suc­tion is in­di­cat­ed by op­ti­cal or acous­tic sig­nals.




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