Suction box eT-Gripper with 999 bellow suction cups

eu­ro­TECH has de­ve­l­o­ped a suc­tion box se­ries eT-Grip­per in spe­cial si­ze for use in a nes­ting sys­tem. The suc­tion box ope­ra­tes in com­bi­na­ti­on with a ro­bot.


The su­c­­ti­on box which was built for a well-known fur­­ni­­tu­re and glass pro­ces­sor is much bi­g­­ger than its eT-Grip­per fa­­mi­­ly me­m­bers be­­cau­se he brings it to di­­men­­si­ons of 800 x 2400 mm. A whop­ping 999 bel­­low su­c­­ti­on cups of ty­pe BSC 32 E we­re in­­stal­led in it.


The al­u­­min­i­um-ma­de eT-Grip­per is used on a ro­bot. This ro­bot ta­kes com­­ple­te lay­ers of tai­­lo­red fur­­ni­­tu­re com­­po­­n­ents from a nes­­ting sys­­tem and lays them out re­a­dy for sor­­ting and pro­­ces­s­ing.


IIn con­nec­­ti­on with the con­­struc­­ti­o­­nal de­­sign of the ro­bot hol­­ding at the cus­­to­­mer and the su­c­­ti­on box it­s­elf, in this con­­stel­la­­ti­on it is able to hold a ma­xi­­mum of 80 kg.




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