Say good­bye to back pain – Eu­ro­tech eT-Lift tu­be lif­ters ma­ke your work ea­sier

Short cy­cle ti­mes are com­mon­place in in­dus­try, lo­gis­tics and craft sec­tors. As a re­sult, the hu­man bo­dy is ex­po­sed to im­men­se, one-si­ded strains from re­pea­ted­ly ben­ding over quick­ly and lif­ting and mo­ving hea­vy loads. This cau­ses fre­quent down­ti­mes. Eu­ro­tech eT-Lift tu­be lif­ters al­low you to per­form the­se tasks wi­thout using your own phy­si­cal strength. The weight and si­ze of the load does not mat­ter: our pro­duct ran­ge con­sists of de­vices for loads weig­hing bet­ween 20 and 250 ki­lo­grams.



The Eu­ro­tech eT-Lift tu­be lif­ters are ver­sa­ti­le lif­ting and po­si­tio­n­ing de­vices that are sui­ta­ble for al­most any ap­p­li­ca­ti­on. They sim­pli­fy work whe­re­ver loads – woo­den, plas­tic, me­tal boards or glass pa­nes – need to be lif­ted quick­ly, ea­si­ly and fle­xi­bly, mo­ved from one sto­r­a­ge lo­ca­ti­on to ano­ther, ro­ta­ted, sta­cked or con­signed for ship­ment. You can ef­fort­less­ly switch be­t­ween loads thanks to a wi­de ran­ge of chan­ge tools and a quick-chan­ge me­ch­an­ism on each eT-Lift.


Resi­li­ent ma­te­ri­als and re­lia­ble tech­no­lo­gy en­su­re mi­ni­mal main­ten­an­ce and low wea­rout. The Eu­ro­tech tu­be lif­ters are dis­tin­gu­is­hed by their long ser­vice life, gre­at re­lia­bi­li­ty and high safe­ty stan­dards.


“Our safe­ty stan­dards en­su­re that loads are not sim­ply drop­ped in ca­se of a power cut, for in­stan­ce. Ins­tead, they are gent­ly lo­wer­ed by the tu­be lif­ter,”


Mi­cha­el Ren­ger, Head of Sa­les, ex­plains.


“We com­bi­ne safe­ty with an er­go­­no­mic de­sign and ef­fi­ci­en­cy,”


Ren­ger says.


“The hand­les of the eT-Lift se­ries are al­so high­ly er­go­no­mic and sen­si­ti­ve. They can be ope­ra­ted in­tui­tive­ly with on­ly one hand. This al­lows the ope­ra­tor to use their other hand to gui­de the load whi­le set­ting it down.”


The se­ries con­sists of three de­vice mod­els: the eT-Lift-mi­ni is a small, com­pact tube lifter with a pis­tol grip. The pick-and-place de­vice for fre­quent­ly re­cur­ring work pro­cess­es can han­dle loads such as fur­ni­ture parts or card­board box­es weigh­ing be­tween 20 and 65 kilo­grams. The slight­ly larg­er eT-Lift-eco is suit­able for a wide range of ap­pli­ca­tions. Nar­row com­po­nents such as small boards or card­board box­es, bags, buck­ets or can­is­ters are no prob­lem for this lifter. For large loads, the eT-Lift-flexi should be your tool of choice. It ex­tends the han­dle bar of the eT-Lift-eco, which im­proves the safe­ty of the op­er­a­tor. The ex­ten­sion es­tab­lish­es a greater dis­­­tance to the de­vice, thus pre­vent­ing the op­er­a­tor’s feet from get­ting un­der­neath the lift­ed load. It al­so makes large, heavy and un­wieldy wood­en boards con­sid­er­ably eas­i­er to han­dle. The grad­ed car­ry­ing ca­pac­i­ties of the eT-Lift-eco and eT-Lift-flexi mod­els range from 30 kg up to 250 kg.


Eu­rotech of­fers its tube lifters in­di­vid­u­al­ly or as a com­plete sys­tem in­clud­ing a top crane sys­tem, which may be a slew­ing crane or a lightweight top crane sys­tem. Un­like lift­ing de­vices, tube lifters do not re­quire an ad­di­tion­al chain hoist, as the vac­u­um con­tracts the lift­ing hose to lift the load.




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