Who will be the han­dling mas­ter? – Eu­rotech sends its finest cham­pi­ons in­to the ring for Blech­ex­po

At Blech­ex­po 2017, the in­ter­na­tion­al trade fair for sheet met­al work­ing to be held in Stuttgart in Novem­ber, the vac­u­um tech­nol­o­gy spe­cial­ist Eu­rotech will pre­sent the high­lights of its cat­a­logue to a pro­fes­sion­al au­di­ence. This year, the mul­ti-tal­ent­ed eT-Hov­er-all­round lift­ing de­vice and the 180° turn­er eT-Hov­er-loop will be joined in the ring by the eT-Lift-mi­ni, a com­pact ver­sion of the Eu­rotech tube lifter se­ries with a pis­tol grip. Vis­i­tors get to try out their favourite de­vices first hand at booth 5304 in hall 5 to find out their cham­pi­on.




The mod­u­lar eT-Hov­er-all­round is a com­pact, ver­sa­tile tool, the base unit of which can be con­vert­ed in­di­vid­u­al­ly and flex­i­bly to ful­fil a wide range of han­dling tasks. This true mul­ti-tal­ent al­lows ho­ri­­zon­­tal and ver­ti­cal lift­ing, piv­ot­ing and ro­tat­ing through 360 de­grees, as well as com­bi­­na­­tions of these move­ments. Vac­u­um-sealed loads such as met­al sheets, glass panes or plas­tic or wood pan­els can be han­dled in many dif­fer­ent ways. De­pend­ing on the vac­u­um com­po­nents and vac­u­um ge­ne­ra­­tors used, these lift­ing de­vices can han­dle loads weigh­ing up to 500 kg. The eT-Hov­er-all­round is equipped with four suc­tion cups that can be moved along the cross beams. Ad­di­tion­al suc­tion cups can be added de­pend­ing on the task at hand. Their size and or­der is based on the type and size of the ob­jects to be han­dled. The ex­pand­able, er­gonom­i­cal­ly de­signed con­trol pan­el com­bines all nec­es­sary func­tions: suc­tion, aer­a­tion, crane up/down, turn­ing and piv­ot­ing. The con­trol unit is equipped with a blow-off func­tion to en­sure safe de­tach­ment of the load. The eT-Hov­er-all­round is fit­ted with a 2-cir­cuit sys­tem and is al­so avail­able as a bat­tery-pow­ered de­vice suit­able for con­struc­tion sites.


A new cham­pi­on in the ring, the 180° turn­er eT-Hov­er-loop will be com­pet­ing for the first time this year. This lift­ing de­vice turns flat, vac­u­um-sealed loads of dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als around 180 de­grees. Us­ing a lin­ear ac­tu­a­tor, it can turn pan­els weigh­ing up to 500 kg. This de­vice, too, is equipped with an er­gonom­ic op­er­at­ing han­dle, al­low­ing the us­er to con­trol all func­tions in­tu­itive­ly.


While the eT-Lift-mi­ni op­er­ates in a low­er weight class, it is just as use­ful as its brawnier col­leagues. Re­peat­ed bend­ing over, lift­ing and mov­ing of even light to medi­um-weight loads can lead to back prob­lems: the eT-Lift-mi­ni pre­vents such in­juries. It is a small, com­pact tube lifter with a pis­tol grip. The pick-and-place de­vice suit­able for fre­quent­ly re­cur­ring work pro­cess­es can han­dle loads such as fur­ni­ture parts, sheet ma­te­ri­al, card­board box­es and oth­er pack­ag­ing weigh­ing be­tween 20 and 65 kilo­grams.



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