Your one-stop shop for cus­to­mised vac­u­um hand­ling so­lu­tions – Euro­tech rea­li­ses cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic, com­pre­hen­sive so­lu­tions for hand­ling glass panes – over­head crane in­clu­ded

Any­one who has at­temp­ted to man­age a larger hand­ling pro­ject with­out sour­cing every single com­po­nent from a dif­fer­ent sup­pli­er knows: it’s a chal­lenge. This is why Jo­sef Gartner GmbH from Gun­del­fing­en re­lies on the vac­u­um tech­no­lo­gy and ex­per­tise of Euro­tech. Gartner, one of the world’s lead­ing ex­perts for glass, steel and a­lu­mi­ni­um fa­çades, needs to load its glass panes into a glass washer and in­sert them into their fa­çade e­le­ments once they are clean. The com­pa­ny or­der­ed a cus­to­mised com­pre­hen­sive so­lu­tion from Euro­tech to com­plete this task ef­fi­cient­ly.



Gartner, the fa­çade ex­pert from Gun­del­fing­en, was foun­ded in 1868. Since 2001, the com­pa­ny has been part of the Per­ma­stee­lisa Group, one of the world’s larg­est fa­çade en­gi­neer­ing com­pa­nies. Its la­test pro­jects in­clu­ded the Elb­phil­har­mo­nie in Ham­burg, Germany. To­geth­er with its cus­to­mers, Gartner de­vel­ops cus­to­mised, unique so­lu­tions. The com­pa­ny does not have a stan­dard­ised pro­duct ca­ta­logue. Jo­sef Gartner GmbH pro­vides a com­plete ser­vice in­clu­ding the de­sign, en­gi­neer­ing, test­ing, pro­ject ma­nage­ment, ma­nu­fac­ture, as­sem­bly and main­te­nance of highly com­plex fa­çades.


It comes as no sur­prise that Gartner pre­fers to rely on a part­ner with si­mi­lar cha­rac­ter­is­tics for its pro­jects.


“Fin­ding a suit­a­ble part­ner wasn’t easy. We want­ed to carry out our en­tire glass ma­ni­pu­la­tion pro­ject with one single com­pa­ny,”


Do­mi­nik Glaser ex­plains. He is res­pon­sib­le for the main­te­nance, re­pair, tes­ting and new pur­chase of ma­chines and plants at Gartner.


“The first supp­li­er could not of­fer us a steel frame. The se­cond had steel frames, but with­out the re­quired spa­cing be­tween the sup­ports. The third one was in­ca­pa­ble of pro­vi­ding re­place­ment suc­tion frames quickly. Only Euro­tech comp­lied with our re­quire­ments in full. To­geth­er with Gartner, they suc­cess­ful­ly met all the chal­leng­es in­volv­ed in the proj­ect.”



The task was to hand­le ex­treme­ly large glass panes weigh­ing up to 800 ki­lo­grams and very small panes weigh­ing ap­prox­i­mate­ly 80 ki­lo­grams with the same de­vice. This re­quired a steel crane frame with as few sup­port­ing feet as pos­si­ble, which nee­ded to be lo­ca­ted in very spe­ci­fic pla­ces. The first lif­ting de­vice needs to lift the glass panes off the trans­port racks safe­ly and place them on the rol­ler con­vey­or of a glass wash­er. Af­ter the clean­ing pro­cess, the sec­ond de­vice needs to lift the glass panes back off the rol­ler con­vey­or and in­sert them into the cor­res­pon­ding fa­çade e­le­ments. A column guide en­sures fast disc move­ment and easy, pre­cise po­si­tio­ning of the lif­ting de­vi­ces. Be­si­des stan­dar­di­sed vac­u­um com­po­nents and lif­ting de­vi­ces, the vac­u­um ex­pert Euro­tech Vertriebs GmbH also of­fers cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic com­pre­hen­sive so­lu­tions. In part­ner­ship with Gartner, the com­pa­ny has de­vel­oped a so­lu­tion that has been put in­to o­per­a­tion re­cent­ly.


“We had very con­crete ideas about the de­sign and ca­pa­bi­li­ties of our fi­nal plant. Euro­tech hel­ped us turn our vision and our needs into an ac­tu­al de­vice,”

Glaser com­men­ted.



Du­ring a pe­ri­od of in­ten­sive com­mu­ni­ca­tion, the two sides plan­ned, con­cep­tua­li­sed and de­vel­oped their joint pro­ject to­geth­er. Mul­ti­ple de­part­ments were in­volv­ed in its rea­li­sa­tion.


“Once the ba­sic re­quire­ments were clear, my chief en­gi­neer Rei­ner Nu­fer and I drove to Gartner to get an idea of the pre­mi­ses and dis­cuss all further de­tails,”


Ger­hard Bos­sert, Pro­ject Ma­na­ger at Euro­tech, re­coun­ted.


“To­geth­er with Mr Glaser, we spent the next weeks crea­ting a cus­to­mised so­lu­tion de­signed to ful­fil the tasks re­quired by Gartner pre­cise­ly.”



Gartner took ad­van­tage of Euro­tech’s far-rea­ching ex­per­ience: the vac­u­um spe­cial­ist had al­ready built hand­ling de­vi­ces for other ma­jor com­pa­nies in the glass in­dus­try. The new de­vice was in­ten­ded to make the as­sem­bly wor­kers’ tasks ea­si­er and im­prove oc­cu­pa­tion­al safe­ty and hand­ling speeds.


“The new de­vice by Euro­tech is su­per­ior to our old me­thod of hand­ling glass in al­most every way. We used to work with re­gu­lar glass suc­tion de­vi­ces and a cei­ling crane. The simp­ler, sa­fer and fas­ter hand­ling of the glass panes has sped up our cycle times con­si­der­ab­ly,”


Glaser re­por­ted. 


“Every­thing has been work­ing quite smooth­ly since the start-up. We have got po­si­tive feed­back from all em­ploy­ees work­ing with the new de­vice. I am proud of that.”


The suc­cess­ful pro­ject cer­tain­ly con­sti­tutes a solid foun­da­tion for a pro­duc­tive fu­ture part­ner­ship of the two com­pa­nies.



Photos: Jo­sef Gartner GmbH – please state if u­sing the image




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