Scis­sor lift loa­ding units with vac­u­um suc­tion box­es – The Euro­tech eT-Gripper in use at MAKA Sys­tems GmbH

When it comes to auto­ma­ting CNC-con­trol­led pro­duc­tion fa­ci­li­ties, there is a wide range of op­tions from rol­ler con­vey­ors to ro­bo­ts. The best so­lu­tion for each in­di­vi­dual case de­pends on the spe­ci­fic re­quire­ments of the cus­to­mer. Maka Sys­tems from Ner­sing­en has been active in the mar­ket for spe­cia­lised CNC units for 60 years. The com­pa­ny’s ex­ten­sive wealth of ex­pe­rience is par­ti­cu­lar­ly po­pu­lar with door ma­nu­fac­tu­rers. For its la­test me­cha­ni­sa­tion com­po­nent, the scis­sor lift loa­ding unit, Maka Sys­tems has en­lis­ted the vac­u­um ex­perts from Euro­tech Ver­triebs GmbH.



Maka Sys­tems de­vel­ops and pro­du­ces most parts of its plants in Ner­sing­en. This in­cludes a new me­cha­ni­sa­tion com­po­nent that is al­ready being used by se­ver­al re­nowned door ma­nu­fac­tu­rers in Eu­rope: the scis­sor lift load­ing unit. It is de­signed as a scis­sor arm loa­der that can carry out ho­ri­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal move­ments. “Our sys­tem easi­ly moves parts of up to 400 kg,” Maka en­gi­neer Markus Hepp ex­plained. The com­po­nent fea­tures spe­cial loa­ding gear with eT-Gripper vac­u­um suc­tion box­es by Euro­tech. Com­bined with a di­gi­tal pres­sure mo­ni­to­ring sys­tem, it grips and de­tects dif­fer­ent load di­men­sions. The eT-Gripper suc­tion box­es are pre­des­tined for hand­ling loads with va­ri­ous sur­fa­ces, di­men­sions and/or un­de­fined load­ing po­si­tions. This al­lows you to lift loads with wide­ly dif­fer­ent cha­rac­ter­is­tics se­quen­tial­ly with­out mo­di­fy­ing your e­quip­ment. Even rough-sawn and dus­ty items are grip­ped easi­ly. This makes the eT-Gripper de­vices par­ti­cu­lar­ly use­ful for the tim­ber and fur­ni­ture in­dus­try.


The tool de­vel­oped by Maka Sys­tems fea­tures pa­ral­lel kine­mat­ics with a scis­sor arm; the stroke is ge­ner­a­ted by tooth­ed belts re­in­forced with steel. It also has fully in­te­gra­ted sen­sors that de­tect double doors, folds and stack heights. The com­bi­na­tion of Euro­tech vac­u­um lif­ting tech­no­lo­gy with the in­te­gra­ted sen­sors and pa­ral­lel kine­ma­tics by Maka Sys­tems achieves ma­xi­mal pro­cess se­cu­ri­ty and ef­fi­cien­cy and is easy to o­per­ate. The part­ner­ship be­tween the two com­pa­nies com­bines sixty years of ex­pe­ri­ence with CNC ma­chines and twenty years of vac­u­um lif­ting ex­pe­ri­ence..


At pre­sent, only door ma­nu­fac­tur­ers use the Maka scis­sor lift loa­ding unit. But the sys­tem is suit­able for many other ap­pli­ca­tions in the field of flat loads. This mere­ly re­quires ad­jus­ting the vac­u­um tech­no­lo­gy to the in­di­vi­dual ma­te­rial and load weight. Euro­tech in­tends to sup­port Maka ac­tive­ly in this en­deavour.




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