Are there suc­tion marks on your glass panes? – A­void­ing marks with MTC suc­tion plate co­vers by Euro­tech

In the glass and win­dow in­dus­try, suc­tion cups are used to trans­port glass panes. Every­thing may seem fine right after the in­stal­la­tion of the panes. But once they fog up for the first time, the con­den­sa­tion of­ten re­veals suc­tion marks that can­not be re­moved easi­ly. To pre­vent such marks, the vac­u­um ex­perts at Euro­tech Ver­triebs GmbH, head­quar­ter­ed in Geis­ling­en near Ba­ling­en, have de­vel­oped and pa­ten­ted a suc­tion plate cover.



Du­ring the pro­duc­tion of seals for suc­tion cups, the ma­te­ri­al is for­ti­fied with che­mi­cal com­po­nents and sof­ten­ing a­gents. These subs­tan­ces fog up or react with the coat­ing when they come into con­tact with glass. Suc­tion cups can also cause a­bra­sion da­mage to glass panes, de­pend­ing on the seal­ing lip of the cup and the struc­ture of the sup­port­ing sur­face (grooves, nubs, etc.). If these marks are not re­moved im­me­diate­ly, they will be­come vi­sible when­ever the panes are ex­posed to steam.


Euro­tech de­vel­oped its MTC suc­tion plate co­vers to sol­ve this prob­lem and pre­vent suc­tion marks on the sen­si­tive glass sur­fa­ces. The covers are made from an oil-free, si­li­cone-free poly­ethy­lene that does not leave any no­ta­ble marks on glass, pro­vi­ded that the ma­te­ri­al re­mains in good con­di­tion.


MTC suc­tion plate covers are tear-proof, flex­ible, breath­able and an­ti-sta­tic. They do not pro­duce lint and can be washed and sewn. Their in­te­gra­ted e­las­tic band al­lows the MTCs to be pulled over the seals and re­main in the cor­rect po­si­tion. They are tear-proof when wet and dry. The u­nique fibre struc­ture of the ma­te­ri­al en­sures that this tear-proof qua­li­ty is main­tained e­ven if the suc­tion plate co­vers are scratched. In ad­di­tion, the covers are ex­treme­ly light­weight: they weigh less than half of o­ther ma­te­ri­als with a si­mi­lar­ly high du­ra­bi­li­ty.


When u­sing suc­tion plate co­vers, note that the fric­tion coef­fi­cient de­crea­ses. This value can va­ry de­pend­ing on the seal geo­me­try. Du­ring ho­ri­zon­tal trans­port, the hold­ing po­wer de­creas­es by ap­prox­i­mate­ly two per cent. Du­ring ver­ti­cal trans­port, a­round 50 per cent of hold­ing po­wer are lost. This can be off­set easi­ly by u­sing lar­ger or ad­di­tio­nal suc­tion plates. If a cus­to­mer re­quires suc­tion plate covers, Euro­tech will take this re­quest in­to con­sid­er­a­tion dur­ing the pro­ject plan­ning and pro­vide suc­tion cups with the cor­rect car­ry­ing ca­pa­ci­ty. The Euro­tech pro­duct port­fo­lio con­tains suc­tion cup co­vers in ma­ny dif­fer­ent sizes – in­clu­ding ones for oval suc­tion cups.




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