Ver­sa­tile or sim­ple? – Euro­tech pre­sents lif­ting de­vic­es, suc­tion box­es and tube lif­ters for many dif­fer­ent pur­po­ses at FEN­STER­BAU FRON­TA­LE

Euro­tech will be pre­sen­ting some of its spe­cial­ist pro­ducts at the FENS­TER­BAU FRON­TA­LE trade fair in Nu­rem­berg: lif­ting de­vi­ces from the eT-Hover se­ries, tube lif­ters from the eT-Lift se­ries, and its new ge­ner­a­tion of suc­tion box­es from the eT-Gripper se­ries. Be­tween 21 and 24 March, vi­si­tors to booth 261 in hall 3 will have an op­por­tu­ni­ty to put the de­vi­ces to the test. They can also get ex­pert ad­vice for u­sing the vac­u­um com­po­nents, hand­ling de­vi­ces, or the com­plete vac­u­um so­lu­tion with a crane.



Those look­ing for a de­vice to ro­tate their loads will find suit­a­ble lif­ting de­vi­ces at the Euro­tech booth. The trade fair ex­hi­bits will in­clude the mo­du­lar eT-Hover-all­round, a com­pact, ver­sa­tile tool whose base unit can be con­vert­ed in­di­vi­dual­ly and fle­xib­ly to ful­fil a wide range of hand­ling tasks. It fa­ci­li­tates ho­ri­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal lif­ting, pi­vo­ting and ro­ta­ting through 360° and any com­bi­na­tion of these move­ments. De­pen­ding on the vac­u­um com­po­nents and vac­u­um ge­ner­a­tors used, these lif­ting de­vi­ces can handle loads weigh­ing up to 500 kg.


An­other high­light of the Euro­tech booth is the eT-Hover-mo­des­ty vac­u­um lif­ting de­vice, which vi­si­tors can try out first-hand. If you need your loads ro­ta­ted to 90° only, this lif­ting de­vice might be your per­fect choice. It is suit­able for lif­ting and ro­ta­ting vac­u­um-tight, flat loads such as glass panes, wooden boards, plas­tic panels and metal sheets. De­pen­ding on the vac­u­um com­po­nents and vac­u­um gen­er­a­tors used, these lif­ting de­vi­ces can han­dle loads weigh­ing up to 250 kg. The eT-Hover-mo­des­ty de­vi­ces have a sim­ple de­sign. They are more e­co­no­mi­cal al­ter­na­tives to the eT-Hover-all­round.


Be­sides the light­weight stan­dard suc­tion box­es made from light-al­loy pro­files, Euro­tech will also be pre­sen­ting its new ge­ner­a­tion of eT-Gripper de­vi­ces, which are e­ven lighter than their pre­de­ces­sor ver­sions. More com­pact and easier to main­tain than the other mem­bers of the pro­duct fa­mi­ly, these grip­pers han­dle fre­quent­ly vary­ing sur­fa­ces and for­mats just as well as smooth, rough-sawn, un­e­ven and un­du­lat­ing struc­tures. Their sturdy, ma­te­ri­al-ef­fi­cient light-me­tal pro­file and op­ti­mised lay­out of flow li­mi­ta­tions en­sure a high suc­tion air rate. They can be part of a por­tal or ro­bo­tic so­lu­tion.


Wher­ever wooden plates, boxes, glass panes, sacks, ca­nis­ters or si­mi­lar items need to be lif­ted, stacked or re­lo­ca­ted quick­ly, easi­ly and flex­i­bly, the a tube lif­ter from the eT-Lift pro­duct fa­mi­ly is your best choice. The ver­sa­tile lif­ting and po­si­tion­ing de­vi­ces can be used for al­most any ap­pli­ca­tion; they are easy to hand­le and e­quipped with an er­go­no­mic one-hand con­trol sys­tem. Thanks to their quick-swap sys­tem, chang­ing tools only takes a few easy steps. The gra­ded carry­ing ca­pa­ci­ties range from 20 kg up to 250 kg. This time, the eT-Lift-mini will be on show. Re­pea­ted­ly bend­ing over, lif­ting and mo­ving even light to me­dium-weight loads can cause back prob­lems: the eT-Lift-mini pre­vents such in­jury. It is a small, com­pact tube lif­ter with a pis­tol grip. The pick-and-place de­vice for fre­quent­ly re­cur­ring work pro­ces­ses can handle loads such as fur­ni­ture parts, sheet ma­te­ri­al, card­board box­es and other pack­ag­ing weigh­ing be­tween 20 and 65 ki­lo­grams.




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