A vac­u­um gi­ant for piv­ot­ing pan­els – Eu­rotech has de­liv­ered a lift­ing de­vice for han­dling 18-me­tre steel pan­els to France

A lift­ing de­vice mea­sur­ing 14 me­tres re­cent­ly left the halls of Eu­rotech Ver­triebs GmbH. The vac­u­um spe­cial­ist de­liv­ered the de­vice to Ziemex, head­quar­tered in Sarre-Union Cedex, France. The large eT-Hov­er lift­ing de­vice can lift pan­els with a to­tal length of 16–18 me­tres and piv­ot them by 90°.



The eT-Hov­er which was de­liv­ered to Ziemex has an im­pres­sive length of 14 me­tres. Ziemex con­structs, pro­duces and in­stalls qual­i­ty con­tain­ers and plants made from steel, stain­less steel and alu­mini­um for a wide range of in­dus­tri­al sec­tors. Their man­u­fac­tur­ing pro­cess­es re­quire the han­dling of ex­treme­ly large met­al pan­els. For this task, the French com­pa­ny re­lies on the ex­pe­ri­ence of Eu­rotech Ver­triebs GmbH.


At a to­tal length of 14 me­tres, the de­vice can lift pan­els mea­sur­ing up to 18 me­tres. To en­sure that the eT-Hov­er can be used for short­er pan­els, too, its beams have a tele­scop­ic de­sign. They can be short­ened to a to­tal length of 10 me­tres. Us­ing 52 BSP 200 RL suc­tion plates, the de­vice can car­ry loads weigh­ing up to two tonnes. Its hy­draulic piv­ota­tion drive can piv­ot the lift­ed plates by up to 90°. They can be trans­port­ed ver­ti­cal­ly as well as hor­i­zon­tal­ly. The de­vice can al­so han­dle glass, plas­tic and wood pan­els.


The eT-Hov­er is op­er­at­ed via a re­mote con­trol with a ten-me­tre ca­ble. It uni­fies all im­por­tant func­tions: suc­tion, ven­ti­la­tion and piv­ot­ing. The de­vice is equipped with an aer­a­tion unit for fast de­tach­ment of the load. The eT-Hov­er has two sep­a­rate, mon­i­tored vac­u­um cir­cuits, which makes it suit­able for use on con­struc­tion sites.


All suc­tion cups can be moved along the cross beam and locked in­di­vid­u­al­ly us­ing a ball valve. The cross beams are al­so ad­justable. The suc­tion cups are mount­ed to the cross beams with cross clamp­ing pieces and sus­pend­ed on springs. Like all Eu­rotech lift­ing de­vices, the eT-Hov­er comes with mul­ti­ple se­cu­ri­ty and warn­ing sys­tems that are de­signed in ac­cor­dance with DIN EN 13155 to pre­vent op­er­a­tion er­rors and haz­ards.




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