So simple, yet so versatile – the eT-Hover-modesty series of lifting devices by Eurotech has the right device for any application – at an economic price

The vac­u­um lift­ing de­vices in the eT-Hov­er-mod­esty se­ries by the vac­u­um spe­cial­ist Eu­roTECH Ver­triebs GmbH are used for lift­ing vac­u­um-tight, flat loads such as glass panes, sheet met­al and plas­tic or wood­en boards. They have a sim­ple de­sign and con­sti­tute a low-cost al­ter­na­tive to sim­i­lar, more ex­ten­sive­ly equipped de­vices, such as the eT-Hov­er-all­round.



The prod­uct range, which in­cludes the ver­sa­tile eT-Hov­er-all­round, com­bines si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly piv­ot­ing and ro­tat­ing lift­ing de­vices with sim­pler mod­els of­fer­ing one of the two mo­tions on­ly. It al­so fea­tures de­vices de­signed specif­i­cal­ly for trans­port­ing loads hor­i­zon­tal­ly or ver­ti­cal­ly. The se­ries comes with ex­ten­sive equip­ment.


“In some cas­es, you on­ly need one de­vice to car­ry out a sim­ple move­ment. The full equip­ment of the eT-Hov­er-all­round is not al­ways nec­es­sary. This is why we have cre­at­ed the eT-Hov­er-mod­esty range. Its lift­ing de­vices may not be true all-rounders, but they are per­fect­ly suit­able for the tasks for which they are de­signed. You get to use a much small­er, more prac­ti­cal de­vice at a low­er cost,”


Michael Renger, Sales Di­rec­tor, ex­plained.



You can make the eT-Hov­er-mod­esty ro­tate pneu­mat­i­cal­ly or man­u­al­ly. Pneu­mat­i­cal­ly, it ro­tates up to 90°. Man­u­al­ly, it can ro­tate in­finite­ly in steps of 90°.


“This wide range of pos­si­bil­i­ties makes the de­vices per­fect for load­ing and re­mov­ing items from ware­hous­es or pro­cess­ing ma­chines,”


Renger com­ment­ed. All de­vices in the se­ries have two han­dles for easy po­si­tion­ing and guid­ance.



The vac­u­um lift­ing de­vice is op­er­at­ed en­tire­ly with com­pressed air. This mode does not re­quire a mains con­nec­tion. The vac­u­um is gen­er­at­ed by way of an ejec­tor. So the de­vices have a rel­a­tive­ly low tare weight.


The beams of the de­vices have a tele­scop­ic de­sign, al­low­ing them to lift loads in a range of sizes up to 2,000 x 1,500 mm and 2,400 x 1,500 mm, re­spec­tive­ly. Ad­di­tion­al suc­tion cups can be added de­pend­ing on the task at hand. The type, size and or­der of the suc­tion cups is based on the type and size of the load to be han­dled. Mul­ti­ple se­cu­ri­ty and warn­ing sys­tems de­signed in ac­cor­dance with DIN EN 13155 pre­vent op­er­a­tion er­rors and haz­ards.




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