A experienced team with a new addition – Eurotech presents its new lifting devices at EuroBLECH

Eu­rotech will be show­cas­ing a cou­ple of new vac­u­um lift­ing de­vices at this year’s EuroBLECH, the 25th in­ter­na­tion­al trade fair for sheet met­al pro­cess­ing tech­nolo­gies. Be­sides a num­ber of trust­ed se­ri­al de­vices, vis­i­tors to booth A02 in Hall 15 will get to view and try the new eT-Hov­er-uni­vac-line and a new eT-Hov­er-mod­esty.



The new eT-Hov­er-uni­vac-line vac­u­um lift­ing de­vice de­rives its name from its lin­ear ar­range­ment of suc­tion plates. It is equipped with four BSP 400 RL suc­tion cups and trans­ports flat, vac­u­um-tight pan­els made from sheet met­al, glass, wood or plas­tic hor­i­zon­tal­ly as well as ver­ti­cal­ly. In ver­ti­cal mode, it can lift pan­els with a weight of up to 360 kilo­grammes; in hor­i­zon­tal mode, up to 500 kilo­grammes. The man­u­al turn­ing func­tion can turn loads con­tin­u­ous­ly in ei­ther di­rec­tion. The lift­ing de­vice can be piv­ot­ed by up to 90 °.A wire­less re­mote con­trol unit al­lows the us­er to ad­just all main func­tions. With its two-cir­cle sys­tem, the eT-Hov­er-uni­vac-line is de­signed for use on con­struc­tion sites. This makes it a suit­able ad­di­tion to the uni­vac se­ries.


As a fur­ther ex­hib­it, vis­i­tors al­so get to dis­cov­er a lift­ing de­vice from the eT-Hov­er-loop se­ries. Lift­ing de­vices from the eT-Hov­er-loop se­ries are used for turn­ing flat loads weigh­ing up to 500 kilo­grammes.The ex­hib­it on show at Eu­roB­LECH can eas­i­ly turn loads by up to 180 °. This not on­ly saves the strength of at least two em­ploy­ees who would oth­er­wise be need­ed for turn­ing, but al­so pro­tects their backs.Us­ing a lin­ear ac­tu­a­tor, the de­vice turns flat, vac­u­um-tight pan­els made of sheet met­al, glass, wood or plas­tic with di­men­sions be­tween 3.5 x 2.0 me­tres and 14.0 x 2.0 me­tres.


The third lift­ing de­vice on dis­play be­longs to the eT-Hov­er-mod­esty se­ries. These lift­ing de­vices are used for lift­ing vac­u­um-tight, flat loads such as sheet met­al, glass panes and plas­tic or wood­en boards weigh­ing up to 150 kilo­grammes. They have a sim­ple de­sign and are used as cost-sav­ing al­ter­na­tives to sim­i­lar, more ex­ten­sive­ly equipped de­vices. De­spite its sim­ple de­sign, it ful­fils all re­quired func­tions. The de­vice can be turned and piv­ot­ed man­u­al­ly or, op­tion­al­ly, turned pneu­mat­i­cal­ly. This makes it the per­fect tool for load­ing and re­mov­ing items from ware­hous­es or pro­cess­ing ma­chines. 


Sev­er­al safe­ty and alarm sys­tems en­sure the nec­es­sary lev­el of safe­ty to pre­vent faults and risks in all Eu­rotech lift­ing de­vice as pre­scribed by DIN EN 13 155.


In ad­di­tion to the above high­lights from its eT-Hov­er se­ries, Eu­rotech will be pre­sent­ing its range of vac­u­um com­po­nents. In ad­di­tion to the above high­lights from its eT-Hov­er se­ries, Eu­rotech will be pre­sent­ing its range of vac­u­um com­po­nents.In­ter­est­ed vis­i­tors get to learn about the large port­fo­lio of suc­tion cups, in­clud­ing ev­ery­thing from suc­tion plates to flat suc­tion cups and bel­low suc­tion cups.



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